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Monday, March 4, 2019

Meet our community influencers!

Lucy Brummett

Lucy Brummett is a freelance writer and resides in the Triangle with her husband Shannon along with their children. She enjoys archery, traveling and can be found with her muse at

Nicole Clagett

ABC11 is teaming up with contributor Nicole M. Clagett to provide you with support and resources for taking care of an aging loved one. You can meet Nicole and other caregivers on our Facebook group here.

ABC11's Caregiver's Corner is a place where you can connect with fellow people giving long term care to a loved one, be it a grandparent, parent or sibling. This group is moderated by ABC11 and Nicole. Please share this page and help connect caregivers with important content that will help them in their caregiving journey!

Learn more about Nicole.

Heather Leah

A third-generation Raleigh-ite, I have always been passionate about history--the stories and legends that build my city's culture. I particularly love delving into the forgotten nooks and crannies, abandoned buildings, underground tunnels, and pieces of history buried beneath our quickly-growing city. After studying History at UNC Asheville, I founded a digital publication called Candid Slice, where I share oral histories and interviews, explore historic buildings, and dig up the stories behind how Raleigh became what we see today. I've given lectures at the City of Raleigh Museum, appeared on CMT's Southbound, and am currently writing a book on the Village Subway.

Charity Mathews

Charity Curley Mathews is a former VP at & HGTV-turned writer for The Food Network, Huffington Post, InStyle and eHow. She blogs about food, parenting and wrangling rascals at from Hillsborough, North Carolina where she lives with her husband, four small children, two naughty puppies, nine chickens and 100,000 bees.

For more fun food ideas follow her on Instagram or Facebook

NC Beer Guys

The N.C. Beer Guys are all about North Carolina craft beer! They got you covered with the latest news, maps and NC beer events from all over the state on their website

Michelle Rogers

Michelle Rogers is a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in helping women over 40 improve their health and quality of life. Visit her healthy living blog at and follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Everything technology. From product reviews, unboxings, top apps to download for Android AND iOS, tech tips, jailbreak tweaks and more. Follow her on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and visit her website

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