Charges filed after warrant executed at G-Loft, illegal adult entertainment business in Raleigh

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Sunday, April 30, 2023
Raleigh Police Chief push for more license plate readers
Chief Patterson was advocating for House Bill 198 and she says the technology it would fund has already been invaluable in solving recent crimes in the area.

Several people are facing charges after ALE special agents executed a search warrant at G-Loft on West Hodges Street in Raleigh. Agents said the establishment is an illegal adult entertainment business with a history of violence.

According to a news release, the investigation is the result of repeated 911 calls to the Raleigh Police Department related to crimes, including shootings and homicides connected to G-Loft. Complaints also include illegal drug and alcohol activity.

The search warrant resulted in seven people being arrested. They're facing 18 criminal charges including five felony charges. Agents seized assorted alcohol, marijuana, and four firearms. At least one of the firearms contained evidence of modification which is still under investigation, ALE said.

The operators of G-Loft, Damien Devon Holloway and Angela McLean, were each charged with maintaining a place for the use or sale of a controlled substance, a felony charge of attempting to evade taxes, possession of alcoholic beverages for sale without ABC permits, possession of non-taxpaid spirituous liquor and unauthorized possession/consumption of spiritous liquor.

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Raleigh Police Chief Estella D. Patterson released this statement about the arrest and search warrant: "The Raleigh Police Department is proud to partner with other law enforcement agencies to reduce crime in our community. The collaboration with Alcohol Law Enforcement demonstrates our commitment to removing illegally possessed alcohol, firearms and drugs from nightclubs and other establishments throughout the city of Raleigh. Last night's arrests serve as a reminder that we will not condone illegal activities in our community," said Chief Patterson.

Raleigh Police Chief pushes for more license plate readers to catch criminals

Five others are facing charges of:

  • Performing armed security without being licensed
  • Performing armed security without being licensed and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon
  • Simple possession of marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia
  • Unauthorized possession of spirituous liquor
  • Simple possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon

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