Fayetteville healthcare worker reunites with kids after sending them away for 2 months to limit COVID-19 exposure

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's a homecoming weeks in the making.

Danielle Fitzgerald made the tough choice to send her children to live with their grandmother in Columbus, Mississippi during the pandemic and the family is reunited.

Fitzgerald works at Cape Fear Valley Health hospital as a pharmacy technician. She sent her kids away to limit their exposure to COVID-19.


"Heartwarming. My heart is full. All of my hearts are here. Everything I live for is here," said Fitzgerald.

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Since the kids have returned home, she's taken precautionary measures. Fitzgerald left work clothes in the garage and immediately showers once she's home to prevent the spread of any germs.

She said it's a small price to pay since home life just wasn't the same without them.

While they were away, she missed a few milestones. Her 1-year-old daughter learned to count while at grandma's and even started potty training.

She spent long days at work only to return to a quiet house. The daily video calls weren't enough for her children who kept asking when they could come back.

"I told my mom that she broke our agreement. She was supposed to return merchandise as received and I've got a little lady," said Fitzgerald.
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