'They are accepted': Drag Queen Story Hour to be included in Apex Pride Festival

When Ellen Dershowitz first heard Drag Queen Story Hour was pulled from the Apex Pride Festival, she was furious. She has called out town leaders and the festival commission to act fast. Equality North Carolina has announced it will sponsor the event instead of the festival commission.

"We're getting Apex Pride the way it should be. If we had laid down and done nothing we wouldn't be standing here talking about anything," said Dershowitz.

Shoshanna Carroll with Equality NC says this means Drag Queen Story Hour is a go for the Apex Pride Festival.

"Across North Carolina we deserve safe and affirming places to come and celebrate who we are. For our story not by told by people seeking to agitate and spread false information about pride or drag performers doing the reading hours," said Carroll.

Drag Queen Story Hour Triangle director Elise Chenoweth admits she is precautious, but says she's pleased with the outcome which would bring this experience to families in the Peak City.

" We're not only working for the queer kids out there. We want to raise advocates and allies in both the children that come and adults that come," said Chenoweth.

As for Dershowitz, she is satisfied and takes pride in this solution.

"They have been heard. They are accepted in Apex. We're proud to have then in Apex," she said.
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