Durham teacher gives lessons on Instagram with schools closed during coronavirus pandemic

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Many teachers throughout the Triangle are still working to connect with their students despite school closures.

Erika Luke is a 5th-grade math teacher with Durham Public Schools. She's taken the opportunity this week to offer lessons to students via Instagram live.

"It's not just important to me, it's important to the kids," Luke said in a facetime interview. "That's kind of where it started was them expressing to me that they had concerns about their education. They had concerns about what they are going to be doing, that's why I did it."

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To be clear, this is not mandatory. No students are required to tune in. This is not something that Durham Public Schools has orchestrated.

Instead, it's about a teacher doing what she can on what's supposed to be a rescheduled spring break.

Luke says parents have been reaching out, thankful for her efforts.

"They're saying, 'thank you! Thank you!' over and over again. Asking me what time, asking for more information. They're excited."

Ms. Luke not the only teacher in the Triangle giving back.

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Over the weekend, staff with Harris Creek Elementary in Raleigh gathered food for students who receive free and reduced lunches.

"We got into this profession because we like to give back to the community, I know that's what drives me to come back to work everyday," Luke added.

Ms. Luke plans to go live Monday through Friday on her Instagram (@751bees_durham) at 10 a.m.
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