'Dancing With the Stars' Week 4 ends with confusion, then heartbreak for 1 couple

Week 4 had one of the show's most chaotic moments after there was confusion over who was staying and who was in jeopardy of going home.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020
'Dancing With the Stars' Week 4 ends in confusion
Week 4 had one of the show's most chaotic moments.

HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES -- "Dancing with the Stars" kicked off the show with a "public service announcement" about having to face the judges. They call it "celebrities who don't like criticism" and it started the show off on a light note.

The 13 remaining couples performed a variety of styles, with all of them keeping their focus on staying in the competition for another round. And we see two firsts: our first "9" and our first "10" of the season!

And the end of the show was one for the record books. There was much confusion over who was staying, who was in jeopardy and who was going home.

Week 4 of "Dancing With the Stars" had one of the show's most chaotic moments after confusion over who was staying and who was in jeopardy of going home.

Here's a recap of the night's dances, from highest score to lowest:

Skai and Alan

28 out of 30


Skai brought every bit of emotion, and a few tears, to the ballroom in her lovely tribute to her good friend, and former co-star, the late Cameron Boyce. She says he was like a big brother to her, and she misses him every day. Skai also knows he'd be proud of her for taking on this challenge, because he loved dancing. Derek Hough said hands down this was his favorite dance of the night, favorite dance of Skai's so far; he called her beautiful and exquisite. Bruno Tonioli called her dance stunning and the embodiment of grace, elegance, and poise. Carrie Ann Inaba was moved to tears, and told Skai she looked like an angel - sheer perfection - and that Cameron would be proud. And for that, she earned the first "10" of season 29.

Kaitlyn and Artem

25 out of 30

Viennese waltz

The former bachelorette dedicated the song to her boyfriend, Jason. She didn't meet him when she was the bachelorette. It happened later when she hosted a bachelor-themed podcast and he was the guest. Kaitlyn asked him out, and the rest is history. Carrie Ann felt the love she brought to the dance floor; Bruno praised her ability to link her movements with pure grace; Derek thought the routine was effortless and stunning, but he did say he'd like to see her doing a very different style so we could see a different side of Kaitlyn.

Johnny and Britt

24 out of 30


Johnny paid tribute to his mom, who he calls his biggest supporter and his biggest critic. The judges had only good things to say, with Bruno saying he looked like he was going full throttle; Carrie Ann praised their partnership; and Derek liked the way Johnny opened up more this week and wants him to keep it up.

Justina and Sasha

24 out of 30


This dance is right in Justina's wheelhouse. She says she grew up doing her family's own version of salsa. Sasha just needed to add a little finesse. She was dancing in tribute to her grandmother, who came to the U.S. from Puerto Rico and showed the family what courage really is. Derek thought Justina looked happy right down to her soul, energetic and authentic. Carrie Ann said the dance got the whole ballroom up on their feet, and she felt like she was at Justina's house for a party.

AJ and Cheryl

24 out of 30


Well this routine was the technological marvel of the season. They danced to one of Backstreet Boys biggest hits, "Larger than Life"... with the other guys in the group in the background virtually! Definitely a big "how'd they do that" moment! It was the last number of the show, and all the judges agreed this was the best way to end a round of dancing.

Nev and Jenna

24 out of 30


There was a lovely "aww" moment with this one. They danced to Celine Dion, and Nev said it was not only his wife's favorite performer, it was also the last concert they went to in January before lockdown. Bruno thought it felt like a romantic dream set to music. Carrie Ann said Nev is poetry in motion and he's beginning to stand out.

Monica and Val

24 out of 30


Val and Monica did a lot more than dance during rehearsal week. She sat him down and had a heart to heart, asking if he could be more empathetic when he's teaching her the new steps. Val said no one has ever had the courage to tell him that before! Derek and Bruno both praised the choreography, saying it was a "proper, pure samba" with plenty of content. Carrie Ann thought they showed a real balanced partnership.

Chrishell and Gleb

22 out of 30


Chrishell reveals something we haven't seen before on this show: she's in the midst of IVF treatment, because she's going to freeze her eggs. So she has to give herself big ol' shots in the stomach a few times a day! She wants to help stop any stigma that's associated with infertility. Her real dream is to be a mom one day. Bruno called Chrishell too hot to trot. And even though they had one stumble, Bruno said they covered it well. Carrie Ann feels she's growing every week, and getting a new awareness of her body. Derek thinks she looks comfortable on the dance floor, and that this was their best dance so far.

Vernon and Peta

22 out of 30


Vernon told probably the sweetest story of the night, paying tribute to her grandmother. They danced to the song "Let's Stay Together," which has special meaning for his family because she took in Vernon and his siblings when his mom couldn't take care of them anymore. He called her his rock, because she saved the day for them. Bruno encouraged Vernon by saying he gets better every week, and makes things look effortless. He also praised his arm movements, which had Carrie Ann retort "I wasn't looking at his arms!" She was a fan of his hip action in his sultry rumba.

Nelly & Daniela

21 out of 30

Paso doble

Nelly really pushed himself in rehearsals this week, sweating more than just about anybody ever has. The judges told him last week to not play it safe, so he asked Daniela to push him even harder. The judges had good things to say, but the score didn't exactly reflect it. Maybe it's because they danced first? Derek called the paso "poppin'" and a good start to the night; Bruno likes Nelly's power and wants him to refine things a bit; and Carrie Ann called the dance a breakout.

Jeannie and Brandon

21 out of 30


Jeannie was motivated this week by her mom. It seems Mamma Mai has started a betting pool with a lot of her friends. And Mom is betting against her daughter. Yup, that's motivation! Carrie Ann said she wouldn't bet against Jeannie's fire; Derek praised her attitude; and Bruno loves how she's able to change her personality to fit the character every week.

Jesse and Sharna

21 out of 30

Cha cha

They danced to the Santana classic "Smooth" and it fits this duo for sure. Jesse talked about his love for driving classic cars and riding motorcycles. Sharna said that the freedom he feels while on the road is what he needs to bring to the ballroom. Bruno is pushing Jesse to give him more, telling him he's got the looks, almost had the timing, but forgot the hips. Carrie Ann wants to see the ease he has with people when he's not dancing brought into the ballroom. Derek said he sees progress.

Anne and Keo

21 out of 30

Paso doble

Anne offers a powerful memory that changed her life forever. She talks about first meeting, and falling in love, with Ellen DeGeneres back in the 90s. She got a lot of pushback about the relationship, both professionally and personally. But she also grew a lot as a person. Bruno told Anne he admires her courage, and thought her dance showed her to be a strong, proud warrior. Carrie Ann said she's inspired watching Anne, and was rooting for her.

The end of the show brought one of the most unusual moments in the show's history. Host Tyra Banks said Vernon and Peta were in the bottom two, but they were not in the bottom two. Monica and Val were actually in the bottom two.

"There's been an error in our control room, but we're making it happen," Banks said.

"The craziness of live TV," said Banks while everyone tried to figure out what was happening.

In the end, the once saved Monica and Val were brought back out to be in the bottom two with Anne and Keo. It was Anne who was sent home.

Next week: a tribute to the 80s!