Wake County mom says one-hour bus ride is too long for son with medical device

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A Wake County mom who was frustrated with her son's long school bus ride reached out to ABC11 for help.

Megan Richardson said it takes more than an hour for her 5-year-old son Porter to get from White Oak Elementary in Apex to his house in Cary, about five miles away. And she's worried it could impact his health.

"He has tracheostomy and a suction machine that travels with him and needs frequent suctioning," Richardson said. "That machine needs to stay plugged in. It's not meant to be left unplugged."

Richardson said her son had a heart transplant when he was one year old and still has challenges. A nurse goes to school with him.

"We've been fighting for him his entire life and we're not going to stop," Richardson said.

She wants the Wake County Public School System to make a change so her son can get home faster.

"I want them to prioritize the routes and get our son home in a timely manner," Richardson said.

ABC11 reached out to the district with Richardson's concerns. A spokeswoman said the district and transportation services is now working with the family to meet the needs of the child.
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