HAUNTED FARMLAND? Shadows lurk over farmer's cemetery inside Eno River State Park

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Shadows lurk over Cabe Cemetery at Eno River State Park
Rumors say the former farm land is haunted.

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- If you explore portions of the Eno River State Park, you may find yourself in the Cabe cemetery.

The former field is now overgrown and wooded. The area once occupied the then-thriving farm of John Cabe, who at the time of his death in 1818, owned 3,000 acres and a mill.

He was the first buried in the family graveyard. Superintendent Kimberly Radewicz of the Eno River State Park says her research reveals the prominence of John Cabe.

"He was quite the man of the times," Radewicz said. "He was justice for North Carolina during his heyday, before that he was helping to ratify the constitution, and then of course of was part of the revolutionary war."

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Today only 12 gravestones are visible, but over three dozen unmarked graves have been identified. The graves that lack a headstone are easy to see - the ground is uneven and swallowed up.

Rumors are the only claims to support this former farmland is haunted. Reports of shadows moving over the trails, words spoken by a woman.

"Things that I have heard is that it's a warm sort of place, not a lot of fear here or anything like that."

Previous Superintendents of the park say they haven't had any personal encounters, only the rumors.

The park asks that if you do plan to visit, the cemetery, be respectful. The park is closed after dark and thrill-seekers will be trespassing. Other rules that should be followed are posted at trailheads.

Above all else, the parks ask adventurers to remain respectful to the final resting place of those who came before.