Baby boom! 7 servers at popular Fayetteville diner have babies within 8 months

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Talk about a baby boom! Seven women who work at the Metro Diner in Fayetteville had babies in an 8-month time span.

The first mom, Allyssa Dybdal had her baby girl in July of 2018 and six women would continue the trend until February of 2019.

Full list of baby's birthdays:

  1. July 8

  2. September 17

  3. November 21

  4. December 5

  5. January 19

  6. January 27

  7. February 2

The diner staff welcomed four boys and three girls.

"I think there is something in the water," manager Antoinette Way said.

"I didn't drink the water. I drank the flavored tea," said server Samantha McKnight. "I don't know if it's the flavor of the tea or the amount of sugar. Maybe it's both, but it's absolutely good."

Way added that she also has another server, the sister of Allyssa Dybdal, who is due in July.

This baby will make eight babies for the Metro Diner within a year.
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