Headed to NCDMV website? Make sure it's the real one

If you need a new driver's license but hate the thought of going to the DMV, the good news is you can renew it online! Just be sure you're on the right website.

Choosing the wrong website could cost you dearly.

Searching for "DMV" or "renew license" online will bring up several sites but many of them are privately owned and have no affiliation with the North Carolina DMV.

Private sites often make it appear that you can renew your license online with them, but you will likely be paying for the paperwork that shows you how to get a new license -- information you can find for free on the real DMV site.

The Better Business Bureau said these private sites are designed to look like the government run pages, so before you put in any personal or payment information make sure the site is legit.

Troubleshooter Takeaways
  • Check the URL - Official state DMV sites use .gov, privately owned sites typically end in .com
  • Make sure it's secure - check the search bar to make sure there is a padlock showing near the URL, that means the site you are on is secure
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