Country Time promises legal support for 'illegal' lemonade stands

ByAdam Frary WTVD logo
Friday, June 8, 2018

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Better yet, let your kids sell it for cash. Unless police tell them to shut down their lemonade stand because they don't have a permit. That actually happened on Memorial Day this year. Apparently it's not that uncommon.

Kids are getting busted all across the country for running these entrepreneurial ventures. Who would do that? Well, in fact, someone sworn to uphold the law.

So, as summer is officially two weeks away, there is a defender of these sour injustices. Country Time Lemonade has vowed to help kids with their lemonade stands with "Legal-Ade."

The Country Time brand, owned by The Kraft Heinz Company, will pay your fines or pay for your permit up to $300. Just visit for all the sweet details. Is there a limit to this act of heroism? Yes, they will reimburse up to $60,000 this year. However, if you retweet the video from their Twitter account, they will donate $1 for every RT up to $500,000 for the following year and beyond.

The "Legal-Ade" team will review your case, which includes an image of your child's permit or fine, along with the story of "what your lemonade stand means to your child, in his or her own words." If it complies, you get paid.