Fort Bragg families vent about mold, housing concerns at town hall

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) -- The crackdown on Corvias, Fort Bragg's military housing contractor continues. On Wednesday, Fort Bragg hosted a town hall for residents to bring their concerns straight to the Army's housing manager.

Media wasn't invited inside, but Fort Bragg streamed the talks on Facebook Live.

"Step one is they deceive. Rather than clean or properly repair problems between tenants, they paint or caulk over mold," one woman said.

Last month, ABC11 met with one Fort Bragg mom who showed us photos of the problems inside her home. She claimed mold caused her and her kids to get sick and that the fixes weren't done properly. Other families shared similar concerns.

"Why do we have to call corporate before a job is done correctly? A job that they are contracted and paid to do," said one woman.

Tim Tooey from Corvias corporate had an answer and an apology.

"I'm personally appalled with what I've seen and what I've heard," Tooey said. "I want to apologize on behalf of myself and Corvias for the experiences that many of you have had,"

Corvias says that apology has been met with action. Three top employees on Fort Bragg are off the job and leaders plan to hire quality-control managers to make sure things are getting done. Leaders also announced a new work-order-tracking system.
"We've been making changes but we have a lot of work to do," said Col. Kyle Reed, Fort Bragg Garrison Commander.

Fort Bragg said families should continue to hold Corvias accountable by reporting issues and going up the chain of command, but one mom said that has started to backfire.

"My husband is not here because he was told it would be in his best interest not to be," she explained.

Col. Reed condemned any type of intimidation, offering to call the woman's husband personally to request that he attend.

Many of the housing issues aren't necessarily maintenance related.

Fort Bragg said that some housing is outdated. Though Fort Bragg doesn't have the authority to tear down dilapidated housing, lawmakers do, and base officials are hoping to work with them on a bill for that issue.
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