Cary residents say Google Fiber installations continue to cause problems

CARY, N.C. (WTVD) -- About a month after Cary residents started expressing concerns about issues related to Google Fiber installations, homeowners say the problems continue.

"They punched a hole under the driveway to run the fiber through, the cable themselves, and when they did that, it broke this part of the driveway," said Joe Tartick, who lives in the Scottish Hills community.

He said subcontractors cracked the asphalt of his driveway.

"These cracks were here where the grass is growing, but where the grass is not growing, those are new cracks," Tartick said, pointing to the cracks.

Other residents have been posting about their fiber installation experiences on social media, including power outages because of affected power lines.

One woman posted on Facebook, "Google, your subcontractors are leaving trash behind after they complete their digging."

Tartick said he contacted Google Fiber since he didn't know who the subcontractors on the project were.

"They have refused to fix it," Tartick said. "They said the whole driveway is cracked up anyway and they don't feel they need to repair it."

A Google Fiber spokesperson said they're looking into Tartick's situation and sent a statement saying:

"Google Fiber strives to be a good neighbor. If anyone is experiencing issues, we want to hear from them. Our construction hotline is open 24/7, and we welcome questions, concerns, and invitations to neighborhood meetings and events."

The construction hotline number is (877) 454-6959.

ABC11 saw crews installing fiber for Verizon on Tuesday, with crews saying the project just started.

A Verizon spokesperson said in an email that they don't offer Fios in Cary and don't have plans to do so but are installing fiber in the area to enhance their fiber footprint.

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