Holly Springs family transforms home into Halloween neighborhood hotspot with dozens of skeletons

HOLLY SPRINGS, N.C. (WTVD) -- A home on Skygrove Drive in Holly Springs has become a popular spot for spectators after going all out for Halloween with dozens of skeletons decorating the yard and house.

"So, this is the walking dead or the army of the dead," said 11-year-old Gavin Robertson. "So we tried to board up our windows so the skeletons would not get our candy. But, unfortunately, I have one skeleton that made it in," he laughed.

The Robertson family has enjoyed decorating their home for the last few years but in the pandemic, with more time on their hands, they decided to go all out this year and spread some fun with their display.


"So, this year it took about three days to set up," said dad Jeff Robertson. "So, it took quite a while. The neighborhood really enjoys it. And, I actually feel like people enjoy it more this year than in the past because there are so many people working from home," he said.

The family said they are enjoying all the visitors and the ideas they are offering for next year. Amid all the uncertainty surrounding Halloween and trick-or-treating with the pandemic, they're just hoping it makes people smile.
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