Women say man harassed them at North Carolina shopping center

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, (WTVD) -- More families are coming forward to say they'd been harassed and followed by a man at a Charlotte shopping center.

WSOC reported Wednesday that a mother snapped a picture of a man she said followed and harassed her a Park Road Shopping Center. The TV station blurred the man's face because he hasn't been charged with a crime.

Two women in Matthews, North Carolina said they saw the story and the man's picture on Facebook and said they believed it was the same man who harassed, followed and gyrated at their teen daughters this week at a Planet Fitness in Matthews.

"I knew this isn't right. He shouldn't be following us from place to place," said one of the women who didn't want to reveal her name.

"It was immediately a very uncomfortable situation," said the other woman.

They called police Thursday to complain.

The owner of a Cotswold Yoga studio said he believed the same man made his customers feel very uncomfortable Wednesday.

He showed WSOC surveillance video after he called police to have the man removed.

Police wouldn't confirm that the incidents were connected but said the man photographed at Park Road Shopping Center on Friday hasn't committed a crime.

"He has not harmed anyone; he has put fear in them. I would like to see any kind of prevention from it going further," said another parent who asked not to reveal her identity.

Park Road Shopping Center management said it has informed retailers about the event Friday and it is working with Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

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