More Fort Bragg soldiers deploy to New York City to help fight coronavirus pandemic

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (WTVD) -- More Fort Bragg soldiers are responding to an urgent call for help in New York City.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, Fort Bragg soldiers are being deployed to assist FEMA in a very important mission.

Soldiers with the 44th Medical Brigade spent Tuesday morning loading buses with their personal protective gear, food and other supplies. Once they arrive in New York City, they will assist operations at the Javits Center where field hospitals have already been established.

The soldiers who deployed Tuesday will join the others who left for the Army North Mission a few weeks ago. They've been trained to take on COVID-19 as if it were the enemy on the battlefield.

The soldiers will take precautions and continue using infection control protocols. They even practiced social distancing on the ride up to New York; there were 11 soldiers assigned to two buses and they sat two seats apart.

"If we're going to go to potentially dangerous places all over the world where people are affected by disease, in this case, and again we're going to support them and make sure they can improve this situation," said CPT. Matthew Brim with the 44th Medical Brigade.

Soldiers with the 44th Medical Brigade are doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists who are set to treat patients recovering from COVID-19.

"It's just like any other deployment where we've been," 44th Medical Brigade chief nurse Col. Douglas Phillips said. "The rigors of making sure we're medically ready and able to go. This is a sign of our readiness," said COL. Douglas Phillips. "It's like a very large, robust community hospital that can move and establish itself and be ready to take care of patients."

"We serve in the Army for a purpose bigger than ourselves. Going to the Javits Center and responding to this call demonstrates that," said CSM Fergus Joseph.

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