Hiplet Ballerinas Combine Hip-Hop and Ballet

Hip Hop + Ballet = Hiplet! Homer Hans Bryant and dancers from the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center created a unique dance style by fusing hip-hop and ballet.

"When you're used to classical ballet so much, you know, there's a certain shape and there is a certain way of movement that is just expected," Hiplet ballerina Nia Parker said. "And Hiplet is just like, 'No, we are going to mix everything and just make it work.'"

These ballerinas gained worldwide attention after videos of their dances went viral on social media.

"We hear from people from Russia, from the United Kingdom," said Hiplet ballerina Chantal Ashante Hill. "People want us to come to Spain and to Germany, all over the world. It makes me feel good. It makes me feel like we're connecting, creating harmony and diversity all around the world."
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