Don't delay: Holiday gifts could cost more and take longer to arrive this year

Shipping delays and supply issues are two big obstacles that industry experts say will impact your holiday shopping this year.

Despite it only being October, stores along with online retailers are already offering holiday sales.

"If the price falls in October to something you're comfortable with, get that item early and give yourself the gift of peace of mind that it's going to arrive on time," Kristin McGrath with RetailMeNot said.

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"There are definitely going to be shortages, there's no way we can get away without them in this time frame and certainly during Christmas."

McGrath said shipping delays could ruin your gift-giving plans if you don't buy presents early.

"Retailers are facing container shortages and supply chain issues that affect their ability to put things on shelves this year," McGrath said.

Besides shipping delays, experts say there will be supply issues, especially with popular electronics and gaming consoles.

Chandra Steele with PCMag said shoppers should expect to pay more for those gifts.

"Companies are looking for ways around how they would normally ship their items, and those are more expensive. Some companies are chartering their own planes, some are getting ships that they would not normally get, so then that is definitely going to be passed on to the consumer at some level," Steele said.

The big message is don't wait until Black Friday or even for those last-minute deals. Instead, get your shopping done early this season.

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