This Dessert Spot is a Horchata-Lovers Paradise That's Worth the Wait

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Horchata lovers and Churro lovers unite at this Horchateria! Come have a taste, but prepare to wait!
Horchateria is the new go-to desert spot in Paramount, California!

Horchateria Rio Luna in Paramount, California, has become a go-to dessert spot in Southern California. From their coffee drinks to vegan churros and concha desserts, you could call it horchata heaven! Almost every item created in this family-owned business has an element of horchata. The traditional Latino agua is also used to make concha ice cream sundaes - omg, yum! When you visit, be prepared to wait, but once you take your first sip or bite - you'll know: it was worth the wait!