Mendocino Complex Fires 20,000 acres larger than any other in California history

The Mendocino Complex Fires, which are composed of the Ranch Fire and River Fire, will go down as the largest in California history.

They've grown to a combined 305,152 acres. To put that in perspective, that's larger than the sprawling city of Los Angeles.

Before this year, the largest wildfire in state history was last year's Thomas Fire, which burned 281,893 acres.

Another fire that is currently burning, the Carr Fire, just entered the top 10 list. That fire has so far killed seven people and is among the most destructive fires in state history.

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Firefighters say they are making progress but the threat is far from over.

Here are the 10 largest fires in California history.

1. MENDOCINO COMPLEX FIRE (Colusa County, Lake County, Mendocino County), July 2018
Acres burned: 305,152
Structures destroyed: 229
Deaths: 2

2. THOMAS FIRE (Ventura County, Santa Barbara), December 2017
Acres burned: 281,893
Structures destroyed: 1,063

Deaths: 1

3. CEDAR FIRE (San Diego County), October 2003
Acres burned: 273,246
Structures destroyed: 2,820
Deaths: 15

4. RUSH FIRE (Lassen County), August 2012

Acres burned: 271,911 in California (43,666 in Nevada)
Structures destroyed: 0
Deaths: 0

5. RIM FIRE (Tuolumne County), August 2013
Acres burned: 257,314
Structures destroyed: 112
Deaths: 0

6. ZACA FIRE (Santa Barbara County), July 2007
Acres burned: 240,207
Structures destroyed: 1
Deaths: 0

7. MATILIJA FIRE (Ventura County), Sept. 1932
Acres burned: 220,000
Structures destroyed: 0
Deaths: 0

8. WITCH FIRE (San Diego County), October 2007
Acres burned: 197,990
Structures destroyed: 1,650
Deaths: 2

9. KLAMATH THEATER COMPLEX FIRE (Siskiyou County), June 2008
Acres burned: 192,038
Structures destroyed: 0
Deaths: 2

10.CARR FIRE ( Shasta County, Trinity County), July 2018
Acres burned: 178,752
Structures destroyed: 1,599
Deaths: 7

Note: This list only takes into account fires that happened in 1932 or later, as records before this time are less reliable, according to Cal Fire.
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