Garner boutique feeling the pinch along with other small businesses amid new inflation report

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022
Garner boutique among businesses feeling the inflation pinch
Small businesses are feeling the heat as a new report shows consumer prices are rising and inflation remains high.

GARNER, N.C. (WTVD) -- Jessica Throneburg made the decision to stop carrying certain brands at her Garner boutique Little Details.

"Just the furniture for this was $5,000 not including the price of the product," she said. "It's now no longer valuable to us if you can't make any money off of it."

She spoke to ABC11 after a new report showed consumer prices in the United States rose 8.3% in 2022 through August. In the southern region, that number is 8.9%.

Jessica said the price of everything is higher. Since 2020, she's paying 25% to 30% more than she used to.

Some of it is shipping costs to get products in far earlier than she bargained for to paying her staff a living wage.

"It's hard when you're looking at it," she said. "It's not apples to apples. We always say when you're shopping local, you're getting an experience and we hope people see value in what we're providing them in the store."

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Triangle consumers get creative when shopping as inflation continues to take a big bite out of budgets and their wallets.

Shannon Healy said the same.

"This is what it is," said Healy, owner of the bar Alley 26 in downtown Durham. "If things cost too much, you try and get other things and if you can't move things around, they have to go up in price. Your menu has to be dictated in ways where it's not like 'oh what do you want to serve?' It's 'what do you want to serve at a price point that your clientele actually wants to pay for.'"