Tricky new iPhone scam can fool even the most tech savvy

A new iPhone phishing scam is so good it is fooling even the most tech savvy consumers, and an executive from the Better Business Bureau almost fell for it.

It starts with an unsolicited call that shows up on your caller ID as Apple. A prerecorded message says there is a serious threat to your phone or computer, or it may say servers containing Apple user IDs were compromised and your information is at risk.

The call will ask you to "press 1" to be connected to customer service or give you a number to call back. If you speak to customer service, they usually say your phone or computer is at extreme risk and you need to take action right away. The person will ask you to give them access to your personal information or to make a payment so they can fix the problem.

There are some simple things you should remember to protect yourself from these types of scams:

  • Don't trust caller ID - Even if your caller ID says a reputable company is calling, remember that caller ID easily spoofed, or faked.
  • Contact customer service directly - If you get a questionable call, look up the customer service number on an official website or document, then call that number to confirm if there really is an issue.
  • Never give personal information to strangers - Do not give information like your full name, address, social security number, banking information or other sensitive information to anyone who calls you unsolicited.
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