Man has an epic all day adventure in cafe after finding mystery note promising $300

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Friday, May 29, 2015
creativeContent-Courtesy of Jason Dang

Last year a man found a handwritten note hidden inside a book at a local cafe, promising $300 to the person who returned to the same cafe a year later. But when the man returned on the specified date, he got something a whole lot better.

In February 2014, Jason Dang posted a photo of the note he found to Reddit, reading "Congrats! You have found THE note. I will give you $300 if you come back here on May 27, 2015."

The note also contained a code word, which Dang covered up.

Immediately, many within the Reddit community formed a sort of cult following around the mystery note, urging him to return the next year. Dang later posted a photo of his counteroffer to the mystery note writer, asking for only $200 if he they could meet in July 2014, instead. When Dang came back to coffee shop then, he found no one and had no response.

For months, Reddit users periodically discussed the note in other threads, and constantly reminded Dang to return the next year, eager to know how the story would end.

"You better deliver. The Reddit never forgets," wrote user amg23.

Finally, more than a year after finding the note, Dang returned to the cafe right when it opened on Wednesday, May 27. He even posted a sign on the bookshelf to let the mystery note writer know he came back. Since there was so much interest in the outcome of the mystery note, Dang involved the online community by hosting a continuous live update from the cafe.

As Dang waited for hours in the cafe, many of Dang's Reddit followers decided to haze and cheer him on, sending pizza delivery, gift cards for the cafe, and $300 in Monopoly money. Others decided to visit Dang in person.

Even a local entertainment company stopped by to give him some free merchandise.

Dang and his newfound companions waited 14 hours in the cafe, until it finally closed at 11 p.m. The mystery note writer never showed, Dang never received his $300, but he and his followers felt the whole ordeal was worth it anyway.

"But all in all, even though there was no deliver on their part. It was a crazy experience, and Thank you all for the support," Dang wrote on Reddit.