Actor Liev Schreiber hosts event in Washington D.C. to raise money for Ukraine

WASHINGTON D.C. -- Actor and director Liev Schreiber is trying to raise awareness about the humanitarian help needed in Ukraine.

The 'Unite for Ukraine' fundraiser was hosted in Washington D.C. Wednesday night by Schreiber, who traces some of his family roots to Ukraine.

He has helped launched a program called 'BlueCheck' to help make sure money gets to the people and organizations who need it the most in Ukraine.

"So what we decided to do was identify, vet and fast track financial support to organizations on the ground in Ukraine that are doing the work the needs to get done," Schreiber said.

Since March, the Blue Check initiative has vetted more than a dozen organizations that need money to continue their work.

You can make donations at the Blue Check website.
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