Virginia Beach lifeguard disciplined after caught sleeping on the job

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Monday, August 3, 2015
Sleeping lifeguard
Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service disciplined a lifeguard after he fell asleep on the job along the Oceanfront.
Heather McGee / WVEC-TV

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA -- A lifeguard is facing disciplinary action after he was photographed sleeping on the job, ABC affiliate WVEC-TV reports.

A woman named Heather snapped the photo and sent it to the television station. The lifeguard, who works for the Virginia Beach Lifesaving Service, had nodded off while he was supposed to be watching beach goers at the Oceanfront.

The lifeguard service sent a text to WVEC-TV saying "Appropriate disciplinary action was taken but, since it is a personnel matter at this time I am not at liberty to say. This does not represent our guards and the great work they have done this summer and will continue to do."

The incident comes just weeks after another lifeguard was caught lying down on the job in Gary, Indiana. That lifeguard said in a YouTube video that she simply wanted to get out of the sun and into the shade. She was later fired.