Sewing Success: Woman from The Woodlands designs the perfect "Fan Dress"

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Monday, November 13, 2023
Daughters of MLB stars sport jersey dresses from The Woodlands
After trying to find the perfect outfit for her daughter, Allison Brockman got creative and turned a project into a brand.

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- After not being able to find the perfect outfit for her daughter, Allison Brockman got inspired.

Brockman's son was playing little league baseball, and she wanted her daughter to wear something that would support her son. She tried finding a jersey with a skirt, but came up short.

"I went and hired a patent attorney to do a deep search to see if I had missed it. When it came back that there wasn't anything similar, I knew, it was like a lightbulb moment that I've got to try and start making these at least for myself and my daughter," said Brockman. "It kind of snowballed after that."

Baseball has been a constant in Brockman's life. She was a Diamond Darling while her husband was a pitcher for Texas A&M University. She and her family are also big Astros fans.

Brockman said the Fan Dress is a perfect match for her since she gets to incorporate her love for sewing and fashion.

Brockman's big moment came during the Astros World Series win, when she saw Jose Altuve's daughters wearing The Fan Dress on the field. The daughters of other MLB stars have also been seen in her work.

Brockman said if you have a dream, you just need to start and figure it out along the way. She hopes to see more women and girls wearing the dresses around Minute Maid Park and beyond.

You can buy your own Fan Dress here.