6-Year-Old Honors Black Women Through Instagram Photos

Raleigh, NC -- Avery Jade has been using Instagram to pay tribute to iconic Black women throughout Women's History Month. "I was really proud of myself when I took every single picture," said Jade.

Her Instagram page is full of pictures in March of trailblazing women who came before her. Meghan Markle, former First Lady Michelle Obama, Bessie Coleman, Misty Copeland, Simone Biles, Wilma Rudolph and Amanda Gorman are among the women who have been featured on the Instagram page.

At first, the Robinson family wanted to do something for Black History Month, but admittedly got off to a late start when they realized how much work they'd need to put in for it.

Nonetheless, Amber wanted the educational and social project to be informative for her daughter and other children.

"I felt like in order for them to understand where we are now, we really need to dive deep into the history," Amber said. "And have it normalized that Black people are doing amazing things!"

A shockwave went through the Robinson household when the Duchess of Sussex shared Avery's picture on the Archewell Instagram story feed.

"For (Avery), just hearing from someone on a major platform say, Good job, girl.' I think that's kind of a big deal," said Amber. She anxiously, and hilariously, waited by the phone all day in hopes Markle herself calling the two. The Duchess of Sussex, unfortunately, never called.

If Michelle Obama calls after seeing her daughter's picture of the former First Lady, Amber plans on handling it well.

"Patch her through," she laughed.
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