Mark Armstrong: The Panthers CAN do it

DALLAS (WTVD) -- There's a man in cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a Cowboys scarf and a Dez Bryant Cowboys jersey in my hotel lobby.

That'd be a bit odd save for the fact that I'm currently spending Thanksgiving in Fort Worth, and soon to be in Arlington for the Panthers massive showdown with Tony Romo and those star-helmeted fellas who play in the world's most giantest and nutsiest stadium.

The story? Can the impossibly charismatic Cam Newton and his Panthers keep this less and less impossible seeming undefeated season alive?

The reasons for yes:

1) A defense that will harass Tony Romo into at least two ill-advised throws. We know all about Carolina's LBs, but this game it's on the defensive line to get up in Tony Romo's face -- looking at you, KK Short, and then, when he inevitably scrambles free, it's on the ends to contain. Kony Ealy has come into his own lately, and with Charles Johnson back to wreak some situational havoc, I like their chances. The LBs will contain Witten, Josh Norman will delete Dez Bryant and the run game doesn't scare me.

2) Jonathan Stewart. Seemingly perma-injured in recent years, Stewart has been running like the hammer he can be. The Cowboys D has struggled against the run and when you mix in...

3) Cammy Cam Juice, that spells misery for the 'Boys. There is simply no answer for this man right now by land or by air. Plus - do we really want to be deprived of the surely wondrous and elaborate celebrations Newton undoubtedly has planned for an 'Eyes of the Nation Watching Thanksgiving Spectacular vs The Dallas Freakin' Cowboys'??? No, we do not. Carolina 34 Dallas 21.

Sidenotes: I was legitimately surprised and somewhat dismayed to hear Thomas Davis' unabashedly supportive comments about Greg Hardy earlier this week. Expected better from the one of the best men in the NFL when discussing one of the worst. I do expect Hardy to get to Cam at least once this game. That celebration will be one to watch as well.

When in Fort Worth - eat at Reata's and drink at Thompson's Bookstore. There's an awesome hidden staircase.

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