Panthers profit on Romo mistakes

DALLAS (WTVD) -- The Panthers had no problems handling the Cowboys on Thankgiving - beating them 33-14 in Dallas to extend their perfect record to 11-0.

Tony Romo - returning from injury - was supposed to be a difference maker for the Cowboys in today's showdown with the perfect Panthers and boy howdy was he ever.

Three times in the first half Romo gifted Carolina with terrible interceptions - throws so curious and so giftwrapped, they probably came with cute little Pinterest worthy notecards. The Panthers for their part wasted no time returning them for cash money.

First Kurt Coleman and then Luke Kuechly dashed back into the end zone for crowd crippling defensive scores. Notably, instead of trying to track down Coleman on the first return, Dallas' star WR Dez Bryant instead chose to stand and jawjack with Josh Norman, who held him to zero first half catches.

Kuechly's second pick (which included Kurt Coleman decimating the intended receiver, Jason Witten) was converted into a first half ending FG that made it 23-3. Not bad for a half with no offensive touchdowns.

Later in the game, Romo went down with an injury to the same left collarbone that sidelined him for all seven games of a losing streak that damaged the playoff hopes for the defending NFC East champion Cowboys (3-8).

Josh Norman was a man on fire after the game - calling out all doubters, calling out Dez Bryant, calling out basically anyone who dares disbelieve in this team. Everyone else said it in far less pointed terms, but the sentiment was clear. Don't believe in us if you want. Your turn will come.

The Panthers have now won on Sunday night, on Monday Night, and now, on a Thanksgiving Thursday. The football populace has been put on notice. The scary thing? They're getting better every week.
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