New Jersey woman celebrates 110th birthday with family party, call from governor

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Friday, June 7, 2019
NJ woman celebrates 110th birthday with party, call from governor
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Toni Yates has the story of a woman celebrating her 110th birthday.

JERSEY CITY, N.J. -- Mary Gibson was born when William Howard Taft was president, back on June 6, 1909. But that means the New Jersey resident celebrated her 110th birthday Thursday, making her a member of the group lovingly known as supercentenarians.

And all sorts of well-known people sent Gibson their well-wishes.

She let her daughters have the honor of blowing out the candles at her party.

She's been -- and still is -- in good shape.

"She said, 'Walking is good for you,'" daughter Loretta Lee said. "She always walked and she always made us walk."

And she always makes time for her bestie, Miss Lucy, a kid to Gibson at the age of 100.

"I think she's wonderful, I really do," Lucy Johnson said. "I see her every day, and I talk with her every day."

Gibson said she has no secrets to a long life to share, but her girls say she always ate and fed her four kids healthy meals -- and she exercised as long as they can remember.

She also has a loving family that cares deeply for her, including 12 grandchildren, 13 great-grandchildren and three great-great-grandchildren.

"We have monthly birthday parties where we recognize everyone's birthday, and she never misses one," Peace Care Administrator Thomas Sheehy said.

And she received a special call, with birthday wishes coming from Governor Phil Murphy.