DHA inspections find problems at other Durham public housing communities

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- Spurred by the carbon-monoxide troubles at McDougald Terrace, inspections are underway at other Durham Housing Authority communities that have gas appliances, and the very problem that caused the crisis at McDougald is turning up in other communities.

A total of 44 homes at the Hoover Road and Oxford Manor homes have carbon monoxide problems.

Residents told ABC11 about other problems in their homes.

ABC11's cameras were there as DHA and contractors inspected units at Oxford Manor.

In a notice given to residents, DHA announced it was testing gas stoves, water heaters and looking for leaks and mold.

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Inspectors didn't have to look far in Sierra Lofton's home, which had mold. Lofton said that for days her water heater leaked, flooding her home and leaving behind mold on the doors, floors and appliances.

She also worried about carbon monoxide coupled with a chronic smell of natural gas.

"When I wake up in the morning, like early in the morning, I smell nothing but gas," she said. "So I open the windows and the doors so my baby will be OK. So I hope they do come and search this one for carbon monoxide, but they only did the mold. They found it in the vent and in this room."

DHA CEO Anthony Scott said Hoover Road and Oxford Manor units will see immediate repairs and replacements as DHA looks to avoid the mass displacement of residents that took place at McDougald Terrace. In two weeks, DHA has spent approximately $485,000 to relocate tenants.

"Hoover's are not as old as McDougald Terrace so it's configured entirely differently," Scott said. "So the heating system and the hot water heater systems are very different than what you had at McDougald Terrace."

As for McDougald Terrace residents, they will be housed in hotels for at least another week.

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