Video shows police responding to 911 calls from mom accused in plot to kill husband in The Bahamas

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Saturday, September 2, 2023
New details in Bahamas alleged murder-for-hire plot
New body camera footage of the Georgia mother accused of an alleged plot to have her husband killed by a hitman in the Bahamas has emerged.

Explosive new body cam video shows police responding to 911 calls from Georgia mom Lindsay Shiver and her mother-in-law, Robin Shiver, months before Lindsay was arrested for allegedly plotting to kill her husband in the Bahamas.

The police recordings from April 30 shed new light on the Shiver family dynamics amid a bitter divorce between Lindsay and her husband, former college football star Robert Shiver.

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Lindsay called the police, claiming her husband was blocking her from seeing her three boys, but police said they were there to check on a report that she was harassing her in-laws.

"They were saying that you were following them, obviously, and that you got a gun," an officer could be heard saying.

"Look! But, I don't, though," Lindsay responded.

"Which isn't illegal," the officer said.

"But, I don't," Lindsay said.

"Doesn't matter though," the office said.

"Oh, my God," Lindsay said.

Meanwhile, Robin also called 911 with a different story, that Lindsay was tailing her in her car, and threatening her and her husband. The family said they believe Lindsay needs help.

"It's making me nervous. I'm a nervous wreck," Robin could be heard saying. "She's delusional, and you know that? And, her mom and husband, myself, we're all like, 'You've got to go get some help.' She's just unstable."

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Robert filed for divorce just weeks before those police encounters, accusing his wife of having an affair, according to the filing. Lindsay countered with accusations of physical and mental cruel treatment, including domestic violence.

She was arrested in the Bahamas in July, accused of plotting to kill her husband with two co-conspirators, her lover and an aspiring rapper.

"These videos can also prove that if she was making statements to the officers that they can prove are not true. This can speak to her credibility later at trial, which would bolster the state the prosecution's case," said Cochran Firm Managing Partner Channa Lloyd

Lindsay was released on $100,000 bail, but is not being allowed to leave the Bahamas. She faces up to 60 years in prison if convicted.