Meet the Nail Goddesses of Maria's Nail Salon

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Thursday, February 11, 2021
Meet the Nail Goddesses of NYC
These crazy long nails are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

NEW YORK -- At Maria's Nail Salon, women are united by an unbreakable bond: their long nails. Maria paints, decorates, and treats nails sometimes as long as 8 inches with their own unique style and flare, and everyone who goes there is family.

"A nail goddess consists of being different, not being like everybody else. And I always say, you know, we were meant to shine, Not to blend in. It's boring, being all the same," Maria says, "My salon caters to people who wants to go the extra mile with nails, not your typical French manicure."

Maria's clients keep coming back for her expertise in over-the-top, colorful and completely unique long nail designs. Watch to learn more!

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