DMV customers turned away as outage closes dozens of offices; service finally restored

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Dozens of North Carolina DMV offices had service interruptions Tuesday, leaving consumers frustrated by the delay that began in the morning and stretched into the afternoon.

A line of internet fiber cut in the Benson area was the source of the outage and affected an estimated 70 offices. ABC11 learned the repairs to the line were completed by 6 p.m., and service had been restored -- a little too late for this business day.

"I said, why are the TV cameras in front of the DMV? What's going on now?" said Lara Cooke, who earlier Tuesday arrived at a DMV office for routine business.

Some DMV online driver's license and vehicle registration services were also affected.

Tuck driver James Hudson couldn't get an important document needed for his commercial driver's license.

"And this is the updated one. And if it's not attached to my CDL, if I get pulled over by DOT and they show only that expired one, I can get a fine," Hudson said.

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Offices in Smithfield, Dunn, Holly Springs and Siler City are affected along with the Fayetteville and Wilmington areas. It's not known when the outage will be fixed.

One office in Holly Springs posted a message on the front door, saying "Due to an internet outage in the area this office is experiencing technical problems and cannot process any transactions at this time. This outage is affecting over 70 DMV locations."

People were seen outside the office calling other offices to see whether they were open.

Cooke said she was just getting her tags and said she has about a week or so to get it done, so it's more just a hassle than an urgent need.

But for others, business at the DMV was more pressing.

"Because I do have a disabled child, special needs. And in order to pick up medication and get certain things for him, it is important that I show my identification so that they can link it up with him and me, being his mother," Marshell Sheen-Stokes said.

As of 6 p.m., Tuesday, there was no word on whether the DMV offices woul open at regular times Wednesday.
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