HVAC companies see uptick in repair calls as summer heat ramps up; How to keep your unit going

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Monday, July 3, 2023
HVAC companies see uptick in repair calls
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The heat and humidity are up and so are the calls for air conditioning service.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- You can hear air conditioning units humming in most neighborhoods these days. The units are working overtime to keep homes cool during scorching summer heat in North Carolina

The rise in heat and humidity results in the rise of calls for HVAC repair.

ABC11 tagged along with a team of HVAC technicians as they worked through a list of people desperate to have their air conditioner back up and running on a steamy day.

Companies are seeing an uptick in emergencies repairs after a mild start to the summer.

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"It just started to come in roaring right here during the holiday weekend. We do have everybody on staff because it's required," said 919 Fix My AC Owner JD Anderson.

The work can be dangerous. Crews are either outside with the sun beating down or upstairs in an attic where the heat is trapped.

"It's tough for these guys. It can get 150 degrees up in those attics, and then sometimes they have to stay up there for hours at a time," said Anderson.

We asked how folks can avoid the annoyance of having their air knocked out.

Anderson said some routine maintenance can make all the difference. People are recommended to get their units cleaned once a year.

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Lead HVAC Installer Miles Barnard said many of the issues he's finding could be handled during the annual check.

"These units are really dirty. They are creating higher pressures than what is being presented in the system," said Lead HVAC Installer Miles Barnard. "Just as much as you need cold air coming inside your home, you need hot air to be taken out."

Another important step is regularly change air filters every month.

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