NCAE finalizes details for Wednesday's rally

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- NCAE organizers are expecting thousands of folks from across the state to start rolling into Raleigh and take part in the Day of Action.

Staff spent Tuesday nailing down final details and figuring out the list of speakers for the afternoon rally.

"It's fever pitch right now," said NCAE President Mark Jewell. "We're going to make it a great, successful day. I couldn't be prouder that the citizens of North Carolina are standing up on behalf of North Carolina's 1.5 million children."

Officials with Wake County EMS are among the people are getting ready for Wednesday's massive march.

The Special Operations Unit is now stationed near Fayetteville Street. There are bikes paramedics will ride in the crowd of marchers making sure everyone is safe.

"Our biggest concern is the heat," said Wake County EMS Spokesperson Jeff Hammerstein. "There will probably be a couple of teams out and about. We expect with a crowd like this, we can manage with that level. We always have the safety net of having a lot of on-duty resources so if things start to change we can activate a response that will get more hands at the scene of the event and take care of what we need to take care of."

This year, 31 school districts will be closed as teachers, parents and students prepare to rally in downtown Raleigh.

They have five major points:

  • More support staff

  • Medicaid expansion

  • $15 minimum wage

  • Reinstate retirement health benefits

  • Restore advanced degree compensation
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