Raleigh man accused of offering girlfriend's mom for sex

Wake County sheriff's deputies have accused 25-year-old David Carl Pitney Stewart of posting Craigslist ads directing people to have "random sex" with his girlfriend's mother because she was "bored at work."

Stewart is now charged with misdemeanor stalking. He is also facing a charge of resisting the deputy who arrested him.

According to a search warrant filed in the case, the woman, who received more than 50 phone calls and texts, immediately suspected Stewart.

She told investigators she had already reported Stewart to police as a heroin user after he shot her daughter up with the drug.

When ABC11 visited the Stewart home, a man came to the door and said Stewart would have no comment.

A long-time neighbor said she couldn't believe the charges against a man she watched grow up.

"That's a surprise because they are good people. They're churchgoers and have been for the past 35 years that I've known them. So I'm just surprised about that. I would not expect that out of that family at all," said Jane Minton.

The court documents also claim Stewart told the arresting officer he wasn't concerned about the charge because his parents would bail him out.

Stewart is out of jail on a total bond of $7,000. His next court date is scheduled for June 30.

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