Members of pro-Confederate flag group indicted in Georgia

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015
Confederate Battle Flag
Confederate Battle Flag
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DOUGLASVILLE, GA -- A Georgia grand jury has indicted 15 members of a pro-Confederate flag group after a July clash with people attending a child's birthday party.

Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner said 15 people associated with the group "Respect the Flag" drove around the community in vehicles displaying the Confederate flag July 25 when they stopped near a home where neighbors were having a child's birthday party. That resulted in an exchange between the two groups.


After media coverage of the confrontation, which was captured in part on video, the Douglasville Police Department and the Douglas County District Attorney's Office conducted an investigation into the circumstances.

On Friday, the Grand Jury indicted 15 members of "Respect the Flag" on charges they violated Georgia's Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act and terroristic threats.

The indictment also charged two members of the group with battery for an incident that occurred that same day at a gas station in the area of Douglas County known as the Corn Crib.

After the incident, both say the other incited violence, but Douglasville Police said at the time they did not have enough evidence either way.

Fortner would not directly address claims made by members of "Respect the Flag," but did say investigators looked at allegations from both sides.

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