Chicago-area pet pig skateboards, loves pop punk

ByJordan Arseneau Localish logo
Monday, March 20, 2023
Chicago-area pet pig skateboards, loves pop punk
Norbert the Pig's owners have recreated music videos from Blink 182, New Found Glory, and Machine Gun Kelly with Norbert in place of the bandmembers and other characters.

BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. -- If you live in Buffalo Grove, it's not uncommon to see a 150 lbs., black and white pig named Norbert riding a skateboard on the sidewalk. His owner's Vincent and Alicen Baran said he's quickly become a favorite of their neighbors who often bring him gifts and treats.

"People just really enjoy seeing a pig do things that normally pigs don't do," said Vincent. "I took one of my old skateboards and put it out and literally within seven days he was able to get his hooves on the board and push with his other hooves."

"He's not always graceful but it's definitely a unique thing to see," said Alicen. "It's just the craziest thing to see him kind of roll on by."

Along with skateboarding, Norbert enjoys pop punk while at home and the couple has recreated music videos from the likes of Blink 182 and New Found Glory featuring Norbert in place of the band members and other characters. In the video for "My Bloody Valentine," Norbert plays the sultry love interest of pop punk artist Machine Gun Kelly.

"I made Norbert the 'Megan Fox' of his music video," said Vincent.

Having a pig for a pet has been a childhood dream for Vincent and Norbert is the couple's second miniature pig. Their first pig Ralph gained a following on social media before passing away as the result of a genetic condition.

"He just was truly a joy," said Alicen. "We needed to fill this little pig-shaped hole in our hearts and that's when Norbert comes in."

Norbert can do common tricks that dogs can do, like shaking and spinning, but skateboarding is his most impressive. When he's not doing tricks or eating, Norbert lounges in a Little Tikes playhouse adjacent to the couple's kitchen, which they've baby-proofed with gates and cabinet locks in order to corral the hungry pig.

"This is Norbert's house," said Alicen. "We've actually done some work and remodeled our home to better accommodate him."

Alicen said although Norbert truly is the love of her husband Vincent's life, she's convinced the pig secretly loves her more.

"I will say that as much as Vince loves that pig, Norbert is a mama's boy," said Alicen.

For more information on Norbert The Pig, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @himynameisnorbert.