One demonstrator arrested at NC State during Palestinian protest

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Wednesday, May 1, 2024
One demonstrator arrested at NC State during Palestinian protest
The arrest came at what organizers called an "emergency protest" in support of demonstrators who gathered at UNC-Chapel Hill earlier in the day.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- During a protest at NC State that lasted several hours, one demonstrator was arrested during an altercation with police.

The protest began around 6:30 p.m. at the Memorial Belltower on NC State's campus in support of demonstrators at UNC-Chapel Hill. Organizers called it an "emergency protest."

It began peacefully, but about an hour in, police ordered the protesters to get off campus and disperse. When they did not, an officer grabbed a protester identified only as Nada. She was arrested and taken to the Wake County Detention Center. The arrest sparked a moment of tension between the police and protesters before demonstrators retreated to the sidewalks around campus.

From there, they tried to enter campus again. The police initially pushed back, but eventually let the group continue marching through campus. They marched to the student union and then back to the belltower.

Organizers then ordered everyone to go to the jail to support Nada.

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Not long after they arrived, Nada was released and walked out of the detention center to the cheers of the crowd. ABC11 caught up with her moments after her release.

"I'm not scared, I'm not intimidated, I did what I had to do to be out here for Palestine," Nada told ABC11. "We will be heard by our universities, we will be heard by the community, and I stand by that."

She added that she felt her arrest was an empowering moment.

It doesn't appear that any other protests are planned at NC State, but Nada made it clear that they will continue to speak out.