Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County finding ways to support students' online learning

Thursday, July 23, 2020
How Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County is supporting online learning
How Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County is supporting online learning

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- With students learning virtually during the pandemic, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County is finding ways to support online schooling.

"Kind of being the tutor of the kids or helping them with their schoolwork because for the most part, they're not going to have the value of having an afternoon tutor, or whatever, after school so we want to be there to be able to provide that service," said Ralph Capps, president and CEO of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County.

The Brentwood Club on New Hope Church Road in Raleigh reopened for its summer program this month, enacting safety measures, such as putting plastic over bookshelves so students don't share books, having children ages 11 and older wear a mask and practicing social distancing.

The art room and other locations have marks on the ground so students know how far apart they should be.

Students are happy to be back but acknowledge it's different.

"It's kind of the same," said Jacorri Sanders, 11. "You just have to wear your mask and stay away from people and make sure you wash your hands when you're done doing an activity."

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"It's kind of different because of the corona and it's really hard because you can't really hug anyone," said student Leisha Rivas-Almonte, 11.

Most of the seven Wake County clubs will extend summer hours on Aug. 17, when schools start back up virtually.

"Typically, when school starts, we open it in the afternoon and evenings but because school this year is starting as a virtual program, we're going to continue our summer programs being open all day from 8 in the morning until 6 o'clock in the afternoon," Capps said.

Capps said it offers working parents a safe alternative for their children and staff members can help students with their schoolwork.

"Some parents are just not going to feel comfortable trying to support their kids in that virtual learning environment," Capps said.

Children who want to join the Boys and Girls Clubs must pay a $7.50 membership fee that expires December 31. Current members don't have to renew their membership until 2021. The fee per day is $5 or $25 per week. There are scholarships available and no child will be turned away for inability to pay fees, according to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Wake County.