Meet the retired Houston firefighter making the most creative donuts in town

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Monday, May 13, 2024
Mmmm...These are some of the most creative donuts in town!
Raymond Pena was a Houston firefighter for 20 years, but his upbringing led to a creative second career in donuts!

PEARLAND, TX -- Pena's Donuts and Diner is one of two restaurants Raymond Pena, a retired Houston firefighter, owns in the Houston-area. But his love of donuts started as a kid, when his mom would bring home boxes of treats from her own donut shop.

In this "Bite Size," see why Pena was at the forefront of creative donuts, the challenges he faced in balancing his firefighting career with his donut career and the reason his father is the driving force behind his newest location, which combines donuts and food!