Pet of the Week: July 12, 2022, Blaze

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Tuesday, July 12, 2022
Pet of the Week: July 12, 2022, Blaze
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Blaze has made quite a transformation and this healthy and happy guy is looking for a new family to call home!

Meet Blaze, our ABC11 Pet of the Week!

Male, Terrier/Pit Bull, 42 pounds, 11 months

From Saving Grace, "Blaze came to Saving Grace as a small pup with severe mange. From the moment Blaze came into his foster home, he was trusting that the humans would take care of him. He was loving and oh so sweet even though he was obviously in pain. As Blaze got better, his energy levels increased and he now makes up for those days of rest with serious playtime. Blaze loves wrestling. He has three very distinguishable moves: 1. The front flip (executed flawlessly), 2. The flying leap (often executed poorly) 3. The power hop (a must-see!). When Blaze isn't wrestling or napping, he is chewing on something...Blaze is an impressive power chewer and needs to have bones or some other digestible distraction. Blaze played very well with our two large dogs- all playing, chasing, wrestling, tugging, and doing what puppies do best. Blaze does not care that he is smaller than the rest of our pack, he wants to play with the big boys. Blaze is smart and his eye contact is unmatched. With a patient trainer, Blaze will be able to execute a multitude of commands as he is very eager to please and food motivated. Blaze is perfectly crate trained and he loves to seek rest in his crate or sneak in your lap for a well-deserved nap. Blaze knows he must sit for food but he will treat you with a hop or two while he tries desperately to be patient. Blaze will be an excellent best friend and companion to whoever chooses him. He has been around smaller children and he has been great with potty training, especially with access to a dog door and a fenced-in yard."

Visit SavingGraceNC.org for adoption information.

This ABC11 Pet of the Week is sponsored by Sally Said So Professional Dog Training, who is offering a free training session for those who adopt from Saving Grace based on this feature.