Pet of the Week: June 7, 2022, Gayle

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Pet of the Week: June 7, 2022, Gayle
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Three-year-old bloodhound Gayle, and her ears, are move-in ready!

Meet Gayle, our ABC11 Pet of the Week!

Female, Bloodhound, 73 pounds, 3 year 2 months

Watch out for the ears friends...they are large, in charge, and irresistible! Meet Gayle, our newest bloodhound chick who joined the farm just a bit ago and has been making friends and winning hearts since her arrival. We are serious about these ears folks...they are both fabulous as well as irresistible! Gayle is an adult who weighs in at a solid 73+ lbs. full grown. She is social and loves to be on the move and explore. She can't help but use her nose to smell everything from people to the outdoors. Gayle could be placed in a home with another dog and could also fly solo as you're one and only. She loves the outdoors and would adore regular exercise for both the body and the sniffer. We haven't yet heard much hooting and howling from this hound but she might speak up occasionally in the way of her people. She is wonderful in her crate and likes to do her business outside. Gayle, and her ears, are move-in ready!

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This ABC11 Pet of the Week is sponsored by Sally Said So Professional Dog Training, who is offering a free training session for those who adopt from Saving Grace based on this feature.