Pet of the Week: August 2, 2022, Millicent

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Tuesday, August 2, 2022
Pet of the Week: August 2, 2022, Millicent
Beautiful hound-mix Millicent is 50 pounds of love and fun! She is great with other pups and is hopeful to join a new adoptive family soon.

Meet Millicent, our ABC11 Pet of the Week!

Female, Hound mix, 5 years 3 months old

Though her name might make you think of movies of yore, the black and white kind where there were lots of castle-like homes and fires blazing, Millicent is not old and she lives life in full color! Full fun and full love all of the time! Millicent is a young hound mix, definitely some mix in there, who has a pretty light brown coat and a bit of a squared nose. She weighs about 50 lbs now but is quite lean and needs some hamburger Happy Meals to fill out and become full-on gorgeous. Millicent has great energy and will definitely need some peeps who realize she is still young and loves to be on the move. She is great with other dogs and loves to romp and play, making her a wonderful potential playmate for your pooch. Millicent loves a good meal, adores a good volunteer, and cannot wait to find her own people at the farm. She is waiting, but in the meantime promises to have fun and enjoy the sun and love of those around her until you finally arrive!

Visit SavingGraceNC.org for adoption information.

This ABC11 Pet of the Week is sponsored by Sally Said So Professional Dog Training, who is offering a free training session for those who adopt from Saving Grace based on this feature.