Dog falls down a mine shaft near Corona, off-roaders come to its rescue

CORONA, Calif. -- A group was off-roading when they found a female pup that fell down a mine shaft near Corona and managed to lift her to safety.

Michael Schoepf said he and his friends discovered a mine shaft on their trip Tuesday night and when they shined a light on it, they found the 1-year-old pit bull stuck inside.

"She popped her head out, looked right up at us, we felt instantly we can't leave her, we have to get this dog out of here," he said.

Members of the group went back to a bonfire they attended earlier that day and rounded up more people and tools to rescue the dog, now named Corona by her rescuers.

Schoepf was lowered inside the mine shaft by the help of his friends and retrieved the puppy.

"They lowered me down the shaft and then I put Corona here on my shoulders," he said. "When I got there, she held on for dear life and we climbed back up."

Schoepf said he took the dog home and slept beside it overnight.

The pit bull was taken to Happy Tails Animal Hospital in Garden Grove Wednesday, where workers waived the fees after hearing the good Samaritans did the "right thing."

Dr. Keri Berka said the dog suffered an eye injury and several scratches but is in good shape overall.

Although the pup had a chip, no owner information was inputted. The rescuers said they hope to find a new home for her soon.

"She's wonderful, she's an amazing, amazing dog," Schoepf said. "So obedient."

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