Meet the 'Plant Doctor' spreading love & knowledge to plant lovers

ByEduardo Sanchez, Chi Tran, Angelica James Localish logo
Tuesday, January 30, 2024
'Plant Doctor' spreads love & knowledge to plant lovers
'Greene Piece' is a small business offering several plant-based services including plant styling, repotting, and routine maintenance.

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Contrary to popular belief, taking care of plants requires more than just having a 'green thumb'. And if you ask author and entrepreneur Maryah Greene, she would agree. "The idea of being good at taking care of a plant is a myth," Greene says. "It's about having a connection."

Today, Greene has solidified herself as the "Oprah of Plants," spreading her love and knowledge as the "Plant Doctor and Stylist." In 2017, Greene moved to New York to study education with the hope of becoming a teacher. While teaching, she decided to launch a side hustle helping people take care of their plants. That's when 'Greene Piece' was born.

"Green Piece was the name that I came up with on my Instagram account," says Greene. "I knew I wanted a play on words with my last name," she adds. 'Greene Piece' offers plant design services, repotting, and routine maintenance.

"When I come to someone's space, I come in and go one plant at a time," says Greene. "I am feeling the soil, checking out the pH, I am looking at the leaves and it's my way of connecting with the plant to assess what it needs," she adds.

Greene recently released a children's book titled "Good Things" that uses plant care as a metaphor to teach Black and Brown children how to deal with grief.

"I realized the reason that plants were the best metaphor to talk about this story of loss and mourning is because the one community that has no issue with talking about things dying is the plant community," Greene says.

Though Greene no longer teaches children in a school, she feels that she is a teacher to most through her plant services. "I do miss the kids, but I am finding that the joy that I am leaving in lots of people's lives when I come to help them with their plants is unparalleled."

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