Polar Vortex January 2019: It's going to get really cold tonight

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- In a twist that will surprise nobody who has lived in North Carolina for any significant amount of time, temperatures near 60 degrees Friday will fall into the teens Sunday thanks to a polar vortex.

The whirlwind weekend weather will also include rain.

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Sunday weather
Temperatures will be very cold tonight. The wind will be gusty too!

Lows tonight in the Triangle may drop from the 20s into the teens and by early morning, we could see wind chills in the single digits.

Skies will be clear by late evening, hopefully in time to view the lunar eclipse.

A polar vortex will be plunging down into North Carolina from Canada, bringing bitterly cold temperatures and wind gusts over 40 mph in some places.

The cold air is forecasted to move in Sunday afternoon and overnight. It should stay in place Monday, meaning highs in the area will only be in the mid 30s.

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