NC GOP dismiss claims by Democrats of breaking election laws

North Carolina Republicans are urging state Democratic leaders to stop a complaint alleging they broke the law in their efforts to recruit state house and senate candidates for the 2018 midterm elections.

Saturday the GOP used the state Democratic headquarters in downtown Raleigh as a backdrop to fight back those claims.

"This complaint is nothing more than a bad game of go fishing," said Robin Hayes, chairman of the NC GOP.

The complaint was filed this week to the Department of Justice's Consumer Protection Division.

Democratic leaders allege an unknown caller received a recorded robo call from the GOP soliciting candidates to run for office.

In the complaint, Democrats say the call was misleading without a disclaimer, and did not properly identify who was sponsoring the call. Alleged violations Dems are asking the DOJ to investigate.

During Saturday's press conference the NC GOP called a group of Democratic leaders phone-including Governor Roy Cooper.

"We will not allow you to scare us into not recruiting candidates." Said Charles Hellwig, chairman of Wake County GOP.

Attorney General Josh Stein, a Democrat, opened an investigation into the matter.

This week, he sent a letter to the Republican Party-giving the group 15 business days to respond to the complaint.

"The Republican Party should not ever be in a position to explain its lawful actions simply because the Democratic Party cannot read statute." Said John Lewis, attorney for NC GOP. "Neither should the AG office waste taxpayer dollars and valued resources in pursuing a complaint which on its face is no violation of the law."

ABC 11 reached out to the Democratic Party to get a response, but its spokesperson did not return calls or emails.

The NC GOP says it will hold its own investigation and fight the complaint.

Candidate filing for midterm elections end Wednesday, February 28.
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