Early connections for Jenn Tran on Night 1 of 'The Bachelorette'

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Jenn Tran hands out her First Impression Rose on 'The Bachelorette'
Jenn Tran gives Sam M. the First Impression Rose on night 1 of "The Bachelorette" on ABC.

NEW YORK -- It's finally here! Season 21 of "The Bachelorette" with our history-making lead, Jenn Tran. We are so ready to bring you along for the journey.

The season begins with Jenn telling a man she can't let him propose to her, Jesse asking her if she's ok with whatever could happen here, and then Jenn walking down a hall. That's an ominous start!

Gina: I love the new format, where we get to see a little hint of drama before we go right into the season. And it sounds like things are going to get dramatic!!

Cue the introduction to 26-year-old Jenn Tran as she lives in Boston while working and studying to be a Physician's Assistant at Tufts University School of Medicine. It didn't work out with Joey on "The Bachelor" last season, but now she's hoping to find love!

We're introduced to her family. Her mother emigrated from Vietnam and wants her to take this journey and find her person. Jenn's brother was also there to support her. We also see Jenn walking in a park and other Asian-American women thanking Jenn for representing them and sharing how excited they are to watch her on the show.

Gina: Jenn revealed to me that her mother only speaks Vietnamese at home and that she learned some English phrases for when she films, which is so sweet. Jenn is excited to be able to share her culture with Bachelor Nation tonight and throughout the season.

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Jenn's limo was on the move - let the journey begin!

Jesse Palmer was waiting for Jenn at a "new" Bachelor Mansion. It's the Hummingbird Nest Ranch! Jesse tells us that Jenn will meet 25 of the world's most eligible bachelors. Let's hope they are here for the right reasons!

The Men Arrive

The first limo pulled up and our first contestant was Marcus a 31-year-old Army Ranger Veteran from Raleigh, North Carolina. He told her she looked great, chit chatted a little but then he reveals how he has deployed out of planes and lived his dreams. He almost lost his life to a grenade while serving. But, he survived and he has a very positive outlook on his future. I like him, let's hope Jenn does too!

Gina: I like him too and I hope we learn more about him and his life throughout this season.

Marvin, a 28-year-old Luxury Event Planner from Santa Monica, CA was out next. He told Jenn she was astoundingly gorgeous. Then he spoke some French to her. Jenn thought he was "hot hot."

Sam N. is 25 and an entrepreneur from Carlsbad, CA. He told Jenn she was breathtaking. He said that he wanted Jenn to know that he's a virgin...a love virgin because he's never experienced love. Both of his parents were born in Iran and family is everything to him. He's never had a real girlfriend because he feels the girl he has as a girlfriend should become his wife. Um, but wait, he curls his eyelashes.

Gina: I have so many questions. Which curler does he use? How did he learn to do this? Does he get lashes caught in the curler like we do occasionally? Oh, also, the love stuff. What does his family think about him coming onto a reality show to find a wife? Sam N, we need to hear from you!

The next limo pulled up and they chanted Jenntlemen...ok ok. Grant was out of limo 2 first and he's 30 and a day trader from Houston, TX. He beatboxed for her and then sang. It was a little embarrassing. Gave me the icks. He loves playing basketball and even played overseas as a professional athlete. He's super-rich from day trading, he says.

Sam M. is a 27-year-old contractor from Myrtle Beach, SC. He's cute! He wanted to bring some Southern charm to Jenn. He said that he wanted to cook her breakfast in 50 years from now. Then he told her it was "shot o'clock." He says his goal in life is to find a girl he can fall in love with. He's been single for a year but is fresh off an engagement that failed after his ex-fiancee cheated on him. They had been together since middle school. Ouch!

Gina: I could see why Jenn was all smiles when he came out of the limo. Southern charm indeed!!

Thomas N. is 31 and a retirement advisor from Tucker, GA. He was nervous but brought her a little gift. It's a bracelet with his last name on it so they could have a Nguyen-Nguyen (win-win) situation. He was an Olympic hopeful until he got hurt. His parents are also from Vietnam. His parents have a beautiful long-lasting love. It's so sweet!

Brendan is a 30-year-old real estate broker from Vancouver, Canada. He took a bite out of a pepper and then bit another one in front of Jenn. He told her that he loves to get his heart racing, but things will heat up later and he says he can "handle the heat." Jenn was worried that he might need milk. He begged for water on the way in.

Gina: Jenn saying "OK so we like to torture ourselves" and him saying "yes" had me laughing. Also, if he was begging for water can he really handle the heat? We'll find out!

Dakota is a 27-year-old sommelier from Paradise Valley, AZ. He popped a bottle of champagne with a saber. They made him wear safety goggles.

Kevin came out wearing ski gear...in California. He's 35 and a financial analyst from Denver, CO.

Spencer, interestingly enough, is a pet portrait entrepreneur, 30, from Dallas, TX. He brought some pocket squares for Jenn to choose from.

Brian is a 33-year-old aesthetics consultant from Boynton Beach, FL. He brought out syringes for "shot o'clock." Oh no! They're doing Sam M.'s joke! I guess it's not as memorable as he thought, haha. Jenn actually did the shots with Brian.

Matt is a 27-year-old Insurance Executive from Atlanta, GA. He's a redhead who brought ginger shots.

Austin brought a fire extinguisher with him because she was looking, "fire." He's 28 and a sales executive from San Diego, CA.

Ricky is 28 and a pharmaceutical rep from Miami, FL. He asked if Jenn was naked under her scrubs. She also thought he was staring at her boobs the whole time.

Gina: Note to the men who come on this show - do not do this. Please and thanks.

Tomas A., is a 27-year-old physiotherapist, from Toronto, Canada. He came packing two puppies! OK, he wins. I would take him home, haha. He didn't even introduce himself and Jenn was way too distracted by the dogs. Jesse came and took the puppies off their hands. His pants were shockingly short...or is it just me?

Gina: They were short, but he could rock them! Also, I'm wondering if Jesse just hung with the puppies all night until he had to bring out the First Impression Rose and then say "it's the final rose tonight." Jesse, call us. We need info. Are those puppies available for adoption? Asking for a friend. Actually, asking for me.

Jonathon, 27, is a creative director, from Los Angeles, CA. He came on wheeled out on a stretcher with his face wrapped up and wearing a hospital gown. I love it! He wants her to get to know him for what's on the inside so he keeps his face wrapped up. But he said he was a "bit cheeky" and he walked away with his butt hanging out of his hospital gown. Love the commitment to the part!

Gina: I guess he was showing her his... assets? Sorry. I'm rolling my eyes at myself for that.

The next arrival was on a motorcycle with a sidecar. Aaron is a 29-year-old aerospace engineer from Tulsa, OK. He's cute! He loves aviation and he wants to be an F22 pilot. He is the twin to Noah Erb! He's engaged to Abigail! Aaron however, he's divorced. He's hoping to find his forever love. Jenn likes that he loves adventure and his bad-boy energy.

Gina: It's funny because I didn't get bad boy energy from Aaron, but he does look very sweet and he has the Bachelor Nation connection!

Jeremy is a 29-year-old real estate investor from NYC. He arrived in a Corvette and tossed his keys to Jesse! He has a cocky vibe about him. He said that some people think that cool cars overcompensate for other parts but he wanted Jenn to know that he has a really big *bleep* She was shocked! So were the other men looking on!

Gina: This is bad boy energy for sure! Was it all for the first impression or is he that way in real life all the time? We shall see.

Another limo arrived and out came Dylan, a 24-year-old medical student from Elk Grove, CA. He's cute! He looks more mature than his 24 years. He's hoping to be a doctor soon! His grandmother had breast cancer and he started talking to her health care professionals and that cemented his love of medicine. He really wants to meet his person.

John is 25 and also a medical student. He's from Delray Beach, FL. He brought out a little step stool and Jenn stood on it. "I just want you to know I'm always going to put you on a pedestal," he said. Aw! Adorable!

Brett, 28, is a health and safety manager from Manheim, PA. He said he feels like he's living the dream.

Moze, 25, is an algebra teacher from Albany, NY. He was very sweet to her and Jenn said that she was feeling like a queen.

Jahaan is 28 years old and a startup founder from NYC. He brought her a gift, the queen from a chess board.

Devin is 28 and a freight company owner from Houston, TX. He told Jenn that she looked stunning and he told Jenn that it's not every day you get to meet your future wife. He said he grew up with a single mom and just wants to have a happy household that stays together someday. He thinks he has the big personality that Jenn wants and asks for. "He was cute!" Jenn said. She added that he gives her a Pete Davidson vibe. Totally Jenn, I see it too!

Gina: Once she mentioned the Pete Davidson vibe, I couldn't unsee it!.

Hakeem had an impressive entrance. The 29-year-old medical device salesman from Schaumburg, IL, had a bunch of balloons, think the movie "Up!" tied to him! Jenn said she loved it. He said it signifies how he felt when he found out she was the Bachelorette, he was floating on cloud 9. Many of the balloons popped on his way in and he was getting stuck everywhere.

Jenn welcomes the men

That's it, everyone! The men assembled and they waited together as Jenn made her grand entrance. They applauded as she walked in and she raised a glass of champagne as she welcomed them to the journey. She shared what love means to her and what she's looking for. She thinks she knows her worth and what she deserves.

Gina: I love that she said she is looking for a "ferocious love" and the guys really responded to that.

Conversations begin

Sam M. stole Jenn away for the first conversation. She told him she didn't have any regrets about anything that happened in the last year. He said he just wants to be reckless and share his feelings so he doesn't miss out on a great love. He wants someone who chooses him the same way he chooses them. Jenn felt like they were on the same page. Jenn said they had an "undeniable connection." She said she wanted him to kiss her, but he kissed her on the cheek and promised to talk to her again later.

Gina: I like that he didn't go for the makeout and the kiss on the cheek was a sweet gesture. The Southern gentleman is showing.

Mr. Pet Portrait is sweet. He was very complimentary towards Jenn and I think he put her at ease. He shared that his cups are full! He has a great family and he loves taking pet portraits and loves animals. Jenn loved how goofy and attentive he was. "He has golden retriever energy which I am really digging."

Thomas N. and Jenn talked about their shared Vietnamese heritage. They had so much in common. They did a lot of hand-holding! She said she can't wait to teach her future children to speak Vietnamese.

Gina: These two could have a really amazing romantic bond or a really good friendship. They do understand each other's backgrounds like no one else can at the moment. One to watch!

Truth or Dare

The guys got together with Jenn to play truth or dare! Austin got dared to streak naked through the house. He actually did it! Jesse Palmer with the high-five to the naked guy. They clucked like chickens, played air guitar, did splits, danced, and they were honest in their truths! OOH, gloves off! They said they would truthfully not give a rose to Grant.

Gina: I love the idea of truth or dare to help her get to know some of these guys. It was both fun and revealing, in more ways than one!

Sam N., the love virgin, shared the history of his family with Jenn and they seemed to connect. He said he doesn't want to kiss her just yet!

What does he look like?

Finally, it was time for Jonathon to take off his face wrap! He sat with Jenn and they chatted a bit and he showed off his "lovesick" hospital bracelet. Jenn unwrapped him, and he was cute! Jenn thought he was "hot!" She said he made a great first impression. He was glad that he made her laugh and he's relieved to have the mask off. The guys were so happy to finally see his face too and cheered when he walked in.

First Impression Rose Arrives

Cue Jesse Palmer walking in with the first impression rose. Moze decided to give Jenn an algebra lesson and the answer read, "I love you." So cute! Brett said that his party trick is doing a split. Hakeem and Jenn did a secret handshake that ended with a kiss on her hand. Dylan and Jenn sat by the fire and talked about their medical backgrounds. She did some dancing and said she feels like the main character in her own love story.

Gina: I feel like Jenn was made for this role and I'm so happy to see her thriving here on what is always a wild night one.

Corvette Commotion

Jeremy took her to his Corvette and showed off the inside. Jenn wanted to drive it, but there were no keys inside. As they started to have a connection, Brian said he had the key to Jeremy's car, and told Jeremy to get out! He told Jenn not to let him drive it and decided to be the bigger man and walk away. He handled himself like a grownup, unlike the way Brian is behaving. He's confident that Brian will ruin it for himself. Then he went back into the house and mocked Jeremy with a rap.

Gina: Brian, Brian, Brian. Read the room. I don't know that Jenn was that impressed by it. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Jeremy but he handled it in the right way.

Early Connection?

Devin meantime had a normal conversation, without car stealing, with Jenn. He said that he's the oldest in his family so that led to him being very vocal and talking a lot. They celebrated the fact that they both have big personalities. Jenn thought they had a nice connection. He said he likes it when a girl's nails are done and she said, "Wait will you just drop me if I don't have my nails done?" And he said, "No, I'll just take you to get your nails done!" Ha! He's funny. Then Jenn admitted that she shaved her toes that day. Love it. Do we have a contender for the First Impression Rose?

Gina: I like his attitude and energy, it seems to match Jenn's in a way I wasn't quite expecting. He's another one to watch.

Grant pulled Jenn away and he was gaming for a kiss. So far no one had a kiss and it seems like he is trying for one. They played basketball and if she lost she had to give Grant a kiss but Jenn was draining buckets. Before Grant could make his move, she got stolen away!

Jenn told Marcus he made a lasting impression on her and that he was very confident. He said that she put out really good energy and it was grounding to him. Jenn admitted that she's afraid of heights but loves to rock climb nonetheless. She found the conversation to be really easy with him. Jenn said she's so excited at all the great connections she's making.

Gina: This conversation was really sweet and Marcus is another guy on the "one to watch" list for me.

All in the family

Aaron, Noah's brother, talked about how he's one of 11! He has 10 siblings! He revealed who he is and that his brother found love on the show to Jenn. She liked the confidence he had and she said she's really attracted to him. He said he isn't looking to change his partner and Jenn agreed saying, "I'm not in the business of potty training men anymore."

Gina: My favorite line of the night!

First Impression Rose

Jenn walked in, picked up the first impression rose, and walked away! She asked Sam M. to go talk! Oh my goodness! She said that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about him all night. "There's something in my gut telling me that there's something here," Jenn said. Sam M. accepted the rose and then she went in for the kiss! Go get it, Jenn!

Gina: I don't blame her for one minute!

Jesse Palmer told the rest of the men to get ready for the first rose ceremony of the season.

Rose Ceremony

1) Sam M. (First impression rose)

2) Dylan

3) Thomas N.

4) Spencer

5) Grant (Did anyone else just say Oh, no? I hope he proves me wrong)

6) Marcus

7) Thomas A.

8) John M.

9) Jeremy

10) Devin

11) Brian (no!)

12) Aaron

13) Jahaan

14) Hakeem

15) Jonathon (Jenn laughed as his butt was exposed AGAIN!)

16) Austin

17) Marvin

18) Sam N.

Gina: I think she's got some really good guys in there and a couple who are about to stir the pot in a big way (ahem, Brian and Grant).

Jenn said it was hard to say goodbye to the seven men she had to let go. She cried, on night one! Aw, Jenn! This is the easy part, it's only going to get harder here on out.

Jenn announced that they were all traveling from the start to Melbourne, Australia!

Coming Up

In the preview of what's to come this season, we saw skydiving, dancing in the rain, kissing on rooftops. Jenn got to meet up with some past bachelorettes on her journey. Devin tells her that he's falling for her, but then something happens. Someone from her past shows up to join the journey. Aaron said that someone was there for the wrong reasons, but he won't tell her who! Sam N. apparently is conniving according to Devin. Sam M. says that Devin has put her into a web. There's a lot of tears. Who is telling the truth, and who is right for Jenn? I hope she can find her person! Does Jenn leave the final rose behind or does she find true love? There's just so many questions. Welcome to the journey.

Gina: Ooooh, we are going to have a good time this season! I can't wait to watch it all.

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